The Best Gyros in Skiathos has No Name

One of the main street food dishes from Greece is the famous gyros. Each city, each town, each island has ist favorite gyros place to get the on-the-go fast-food meal.
The original Greek gyros are made from pork roasted for hours on a large vertical speed. You might know the style from your local Turkish Kepap place in your home town. The principal is the same, tender crispy slices of meat, combined with potato chips, onions, and tzasiki. That is at least my favorite way of eating my gyros. In Skiathos, we also have a „gyros patron“ serving the same traditional high-quality quick meal for more than 30 years. It is the familly owned corner shop called No Name.

Always fresh and satisfying

I have tried all the places in Skiathos when it comes to the „noble art“ of gyros, and it is by far the best on the island. So after falling into one of the many fast-food traps on Papadiamantis street go to the litle fast-food corner called No Name. For a grown man you will need 2 gyros to fill your appetite, and the price per gyros is 2.50 euro.

You will get a great meal for a small amount of money, so if you are hungry and looking for a fast grab or is traveling on a budget, No Name is the place to go.
You will find No Name close to the Port of Skiathos on one of the small streets connecting to Papadiamantis Main Street.

Best Gyros in Skiathos
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Best Gyros in Skiathos
One of the best and most traditional dishes you have to try is the fast food named Gyros. Fine and tender pork roasted for hours on a spid, cut into a bread and served with Tzasiki, fries, and tomato.
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