Weather in Skiathos

The weather in Skiathos is the perfect Mediterranean climate. A mild winter, a smooth and suiting spring, hot and dry summers and a colorful fall.  The weather in Skiathos varies from year to year, but in most cases, the weather in Skiathos is warm and Mediterranean. From an average of 12° Celcius in the winter months, you do not really get the cold winters as known in central Europe and Scandinavia. The weather feels colder than 12° Celcius in the winter because of the high amount of humidity and stronger winds blowing in over the Island of Skiathos.

After winter must come spring

After the calm, silent, dark and re-charging winter months from November to March, we finally get back into Spring, starting mid-March to mid-April depending on the year. A firm average of 17° Celcius in April month, peaking with hot days about 25° even makes it possible to go for the first jump in the Aegean Sea. Spring turns into summer and the weather becomes warmer, lesser rainy and cloudy days, and the famous Greek blue colors get a full run for the money during the Summer months. Averaging 29° during the day and 24° in the evening, a perfect vacation climate.

The best month in Skiathos

From the end of August, the weather becomes more suiting and comfortable, fall is around the corner. September is known as the best month in Skiathos, the locals are not as busy as during the high season from July to August, and finally can go for a swim and spend some quality time with their families. Before we know it, the month of September is gone, so is the tourists and the silence returns to the paradise Island of Skiathos. Many locals have a piece of land with Olive trees that they look to. Normally the harvest of olives starts at the end of October and lasts until the end of November depending on the number of fruits and trees to harvest. From November until Christmas, is the local’s vacation time, most travel to the mainland to visit family while other travels to the far east to enjoy some well-deserved vacation time.

Tips for your vacation in Skiathos.

Even though you can buy all these things on the Island of Skiathos, here is a short list of the most important things that you need on Skiathos concerning the weather.

  • Sunscreen and a summer hat
  • Light walking shoes
  • Light wind/rain jacket
  • Aftersun if you are Scandinavian
  • Travel insurance
  • Mosquito blocker

Skiathos Old Port in January.

Ikonistria Monastery in November.

Banana Beach, Skiathos in February.

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