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Welcome to the Skiathos Travel Blog brings you authentic and honestly written blogs from the Island of Skiathos. We make great effort to give you a truly authentic and emotional picture of the amazing island in the Aegean Sea.

After visiting and living in Skiathos for more than 10 years, I believe I have gathered a very unique sense of what Skiathos has to offer.
My blog will always stay objective and brutally honest, as we do not have any gains in promoting the one or the other business in Skiathos.
With time we will also include other bloggers whom all have the same love for the Island of Skiathos. Our main goal is to promote the Island in the best way possible so that you can enjoy the true original gems that Skiathos has to offer. Only from high-quality experiences the island and its businesses will strive, we want to promote the best of the best in Skiathos so that we can bring a high standard of tourism for the future. The less fortuned tourist traps of Skiathos will have to learn from the best! The best meaning: Original, Authentic and high standard.

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Yours Faithfully – Martin Overbeck

509, 2018

How to get to Skiathos from Athens

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How to get to Skiathos from Athens There are 3 conventional ways on how to get to Skiathos from Athens, by Airplane, via Bus or by Ferry. Travel by Airplane to Skiathos The easiest and by far the fastest way to travel to Skiathos is by Airplane. During the summer there is different flights from Athens [...]

509, 2018

The Best Gyros in Skiathos

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The Best Gyros in Skiathos has No Name One of the main street food dishes from Greece is the famous gyros. Each city, each town, each island has ist favorite gyros place to get the on-the-go fast-food meal. The original Greek gyros are made from pork roasted for hours on a large vertical speed. You might [...]

2508, 2018

Holy Skiathos

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The Holy Island of Skiathos When visiting Greece you will notice churches everywhere you go, from small road-side temples to vast old churches and monasteries. Even though Greece and the Orthodox church was suppressed by the Ottoman empire for 400 years, the Greeks were teaching their children of the Holy Spirit in silence and in hidden [...]

1708, 2018

Travelling with ferry to Skiathos

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Patience and Wet napkins. Travel to Skiathos by Ferry. As you probably know, the easiest way to travel from your European destination to Skiathos is via aeroplane straight to the airport of Skiathos, but what if your home country does not have a straight flight to Skiathos? There are a few options, more or less comfortable [...]