Plakes the part of Skiathos that got lost in time, and where you might lose your grip on time.

Welcome to Plakes, Skiathos the authentic Greek part of Skiathos Town.

The surroundings are unique here at Skiathos, and the old town “Plakes” is the beating heart of one of the most romantic sceneries in Skiathos Town. Narrow streets constructed like a maze and extremely easy to get lost. But what an amazing place to get lost. Flowers and bougainvillea bushes reaching out over the narrow paths from white painted houses. The smell of authentic food being cooked by the local grandmothers, making my stomach roar. Here at Plakes, you feel the true Skiathian traditions come to life, where every minute is about 80 seconds, making it the perfect location for a dream vacation.

After living 10 years at Plakes I can honestly write, that there is no place like Plakes. Little did I know that the narrow streets and paths in Plakes were built to confuse the Pirates when they raided the Island. The narrow maze-like paths made it difficult for the pirates to find their way while hunting the locals. All older houses in Plakes also have bars on the windows, something that I did not understand until I got the full story of the Sporades islands and Skiathos.

I recommend walking through Plakes on a night with no moon, and you will understand the circumstances that the pirates and locals were dealing with more than 200 years ago.

After admiring this amazing part of Skiathos Town, you can go for a jump at the “rocks” that gave the name to the area of Plakes. The sea always has a fresh current, making it the perfect spot for a morning swim. Plakes is each year visited by thousands of painters and artists admiring the natural beauty and unexplainable energy that Plakes Rocks offers.

Photos and Blog by Martin Overbeck

Plakes the unique part of Skiathos Town.
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Plakes the unique part of Skiathos Town.
If you visit Skiathos, you have to visit the old part of Skiathos Town called Plakes.
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