How to get to Skiathos from Athens

There are 3 conventional ways on how to get to Skiathos from Athens, by Airplane, via Bus or by Ferry.

Travel by Airplane to Skiathos

The easiest and by far the fastest way to travel to Skiathos is by Airplane. During the summer there is different flights from Athens to Skiathos, one morning flight and one evening flight. Normally it takes about 35 minutes to reach Alexandros Papadiamantis Internation Aiport, as the Skiathos airport is called. 3 companies are currently having an active route to and from Skiathos, Aegean Air, Olympic Airways and SkyExpress. Skiathos Aiport has about 56 flight arrivals each week from all over Europe.

Travel by bus and ferry to Skiathos

Depending on the day, there are bus lines from Athens connecting to the port in either Agios Konstantinos or Mantoudi in Evia.
It takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on the port you are traveling to, the busses are normally connected with the ferries going to Skiathos.
You can book your bus ticket and ferry ticket together. The bus to Mantoudi departs from Theodore Diligiannis 21, here you will also find the contact information to the travel agency organizing the bus to Mantoudi. The bus from Athens to Agios Konstantinos departs from Athinas 12, right next to the bus stop you will find the travel agency selling the tickets on the 4th floor.
If you have booked a Taxi or is getting a ride, then you can also travel from Volos Port to Skiathos.  Here you can find all the links and information about the operating ferry lines en route to and from Skiathos. The travel time is between 1.5 hours with the Flying Cat from Agios Konstantinos and 4 Hours with the Anes Ferry from Agios Konstantinos.

Travel by private jet to Skiathos

Well, in that case, you only need to call me.