Maybe the best excursion in Skiathos.

Welcome to Nikolaki’s Swimming Trips, the best excursion in Skiathos.

As you walk down the old port in Skiathos on an early evening you will see the larget tourists boats hunting for your money. Different excursions for different budgets. You will find day-trips to Skopelos and Alonissos, Trips to see Dolphins at the Marine Park at Skopelos, trips around the island and then you will stumble upon a very unique little fishing boat called Nikolakis. Captain Yanis and his brother Captain Costas are the creators of the most amazing excursion that I have ever been on. The food alone is not comparable with any restaurants on Skiathos Island.

The last wooden boat built in Skiathos.

Nikolakis boat is the last wooden fishing boat built at the old Siferi shipyard next to Megali Ammos.
The boat is painted in the traditional Skiathos colors and all the atmosphere on the boat screams ORIGINALITY.

The boat only has space for 10 people and no children are allowed on the day trip.

The destination is not clear as I enter the boat on Wednesday morning at 10:00. As precise as a Swiss timepiece we leave the Old Port of Skiathos, but that is about the last time precision for the day, from now on you are in the hands of the brothers, Yiannis and Costas. I ask Costas, where we are going? He looks at me and nods to the sky, a typical Greek expression meaning; you don’t really need to know!
The boat slowly floats through the waters in direction Diamond beach, next to Kanapitsa on Skiathos, the waters are crystal clear, warm and soothing for the first swim of the day. I get offered juice for the morning and the English tourist next to me gets offered an ice cold beer. His face lights up with joy, how much he asks? „don’t worry my friend“ is the typical answer. All food and drinks are, by the way, included in the price for the day trip. We set anchor at Diamond beach as Yiannis jumps in the water with his scuba diving mask and a knife. About 10 minutes later he returns with fresh sea-urchins! Wow, the Original fishing trip has definitely started.

Tsugrias, the secluded paradise away from paradise.

About an hour later we set course to the small paradise island of Tsugrias. We go to the secluded north of the island, where only a few tourists with private yachts have found their way. About 1,5 hours of relaxing and swimming as the guys prepare the lunch.

Slowly my belly starts to rumble, it is about 12 o’clock and the guys ring the bell for lunch. We enter the boat and the sight is not for sore eyes. A mountain of a different kind of fresh fish, calamari and of cause the sea urchins that Yiannis caught earlier in the morning. The biggest greek salad I have ever seen combined with a great white wine sets the mood for one of the most amazing meals I have had on Skiathos.

All of Lalaria beach for our selfs.

An hour of relaxation after this „meal for kings“, we head north in Direction of Lalaria beach. As we reach the white pebble stone beach, all the larger tourist boat are leaving.
Perfect timing, we have all of Lalaria for our selves, the clear waters are something else, an absolute piece of heaven on earth.
Before we know it, we slowly and exhausted return to the boat. The guys have prepared sangria and fresh watermelon to gather the powers after swimming and lying in the sun. What refreshment!
We slowly return to Skiathos port, before we know the clock has turned 16:30 and the most original and unique excursion in Skiathos is over. I can recommend this day trip for singles and couples of any age, if you want to experience the original fishing trip of Skiathos, the most authentic Skiathian characters, then you should join the day trip. If you are looking for a unique experience, great food and fun company then Nikolakis Swimming Trips is the best excursion in Skiathos.

The boat can also be rented for private excursions.

Written & Photos by Martin Overbeck.

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