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Flying to Skiathos in the winter

Flying to Skiathos in the winter. The Sporades Islands are an absolute delight during the winter month, enjoy the silence and awesome sceneries when the Islands are "empty". How can you fly to Skiathos in the winter? Currently, two airlines fly to and from Skiathos during the winter. Olympic Air and Sky Express fly weekly from Athens [...]

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How to get to Skiathos from Athens

How to get to Skiathos from Athens There are 3 conventional ways on how to get to Skiathos from Athens, by Airplane, via Bus or by Ferry. Travel by Airplane to Skiathos The easiest and by far the fastest way to travel to Skiathos is by Airplane. During the summer there is different flights from [...]

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Travelling with ferry to Skiathos

Patience and Wet napkins. Travel to Skiathos by Ferry. As you probably know, the easiest way to travel from your European destination to Skiathos is via aeroplane straight to the airport of Skiathos, but what if your home country does not have a straight flight to Skiathos? There are a few options, more or less [...]

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Best Excursion in Skiathos

Maybe the best excursion in Skiathos. Welcome to Nikolaki's Swimming Trips, the best excursion in Skiathos. As you walk down the old port in Skiathos on an early evening you will see the larget tourists boats hunting for your money. Different excursions for different budgets. You will find day-trips to Skopelos and Alonissos, Trips to see [...]

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Plakes the original part of Skiathos

Plakes the part of Skiathos that got lost in time, and where you might lose your grip on time. Welcome to Plakes, Skiathos the authentic Greek part of Skiathos Town. The surroundings are unique here at Skiathos, and the old town “Plakes” is the beating heart of one of the most romantic sceneries in Skiathos [...]

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